Behavioral Husbandry Committee

Mission Statement
The BHC exists to enhance the professional collaboration of ungulate behavioral husbandry.

To increase ungulate welfare through behavioral husbandry innovation.


During the 2017 AZA Mid-Year meeting, the Ungulate TAGs discussed implementing a Behavioral Husbandry Committee (BHC).  The goals of this committee include:

  • GOAL 1: Identify appropriate technology resources for posting existing and new information and making the information searchable.
  • GOAL 2: Develop a survey to prioritize needs.
  • GOAL 3: based on prioritized needs, develop workshops, webinars or presentations, compile existing resources.
  • GOAL 4: Act as resource for troubleshooting training and enrichment obstacles
  • GOAL 5: Behavioral husbandry committee will curate that section of the TAG meeting, by soliciting and selecting presentations, hardest to fill on the agenda.