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Action Indonesia Awareness Day

The first ever Action Indonesia Awareness Day is being held on August 18, 2019! The day will take place in North America (AZA), Europe (EAZA), and Indonesia (PKBSI) utilizing a shared social media hashtag. Educational resources are being developed to raise awareness for the four species - Anoa, Banteng, Babirusa, and Sumatran tiger - in the Action Indonesia GSMPs and highlight the collaborative efforts of conservation. 

The Education Working group is in the process of building our own website to house resources for participating facilities to access, but for now, they are being housed on the Asian Wild Cattle Specialist Group website ( 

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2019 International Giraffid Conference
to May 23

2019 International Giraffid Conference

The Columbus Zoo will be hosting the 2019 International Giraffid Conference ­­­­­­­from May 20th through the 23rd, focusing on all aspects of giraffe/okapi care, conservation, and science. There will be a post conference trip to the Wilds.

The Columbus Zoo is seeking abstract submissions until January 1, 2019 for this conference. Information on abstract submissions can be found at this link.

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2019 AZA Ungulate TAG Meetings
to Apr 15

2019 AZA Ungulate TAG Meetings

Join the herd for the 2019 AZA Ungulate TAG meetings, held in conjunction with the AZA Mid-Year Meeting in Phoenix, AZ. Spread over three days (April 13-15), the TAG Meetings will include discussions and presentations on animal science, TAG priorities, husbandry techniques, conservation programs, collection and staff management, problem-solving, and so much more!

Registration is now open! For general conference information, please visit:

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to Oct 5

2018 Giraffe Care Workshop

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is hosting a Giraffe Care Workshop October 1-5, 2018.  The workshop aims to create a community of giraffe professionals who leave the conference committed and empowered to continually improve giraffe welfare, both in situ and ex situ. Cheyenne Mountain Zoo staff and guest speakers will facilitate sessions throughout the workshop that will focus on training, enrichment, browse programs, hoof care, conservation and guest/giraffe interactions.  For more information, visit:

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2018 Ungulate TAG Midyear Meeting
to Mar 26

2018 Ungulate TAG Midyear Meeting

The 2018 AZA Ungulate TAG Midyear Meetings will be held in conjunction with the AZA Midyear Meeting in Jacksonville, FL. Spread over three days (March 24-26), the TAG Meetings will include presentations and discussions to work towards a bright future for ungulates.

Details on the AZA Midyear, including registration and hotel info, are now available at

Download the detailed meeting agenda here.

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7th International Tapir Symposium
to Nov 19

7th International Tapir Symposium

Crowne Plaza Houston River Oaks Hotel
Houston, Texas, United States
November 14-18, 2017


  • IUCN/SSC Tapir Specialist Group (TSG) -
  • Houston Zoo, USA
  • Copenhagen Zoo, Denmark
  • Association of Zoos & Aquariums (AZA) Tapir Taxon Advisory Group (TAG)
  • European Association of Zoos & Aquaria (EAZA) Tapir Taxon Advisory Group (TAG)

The IUCN/SSC Tapir Specialist Group (TSG) has the pleasure to announce the upcoming Seventh International Tapir Symposium to be held in Houston, Texas, United States, from 14 to 18 November, 2017. Our local host will be our long-term tapir conservation partner, the Houston Zoo, and we could not be more grateful for their support!!!  Additional partners on the organization of the conference are the Copenhagen Zoo, Association of Zoos & Aquariums (AZA) Tapir Taxon Advisory Group (TAG), and European Association of Zoos & Aquaria (EAZA) Tapir Taxon Advisory Group (TAG).

Previous International Tapir Symposiums were held in San José, COSTA RICA, in 2001, where we brought together for the very first time 85 tapir experts and conservationists from 21 different countries worldwide, Panama City, REPUBLIC OF PANAMA, in 2004; Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA, in 2006; Cancun, MEXICO, in 2008; Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA, in 2011; and, Campo Grande, BRAZIL, in 2014. We are now very excited to bring our conference to the United States for the very first time!!! 

Throughout its history, the International Tapir Symposium has demonstrated to be a critical moment for tapir conservation worldwide, and has been attracting more and more tapir conservationists each time.  The Seventh International Tapir Symposium will once again bring together a multi-faceted group of tapir experts and conservationists, including field researchers, environmental educators, academics, veterinarians, marketing and communication experts, captivity specialists, governmental authorities, politicians and other interested parties and stakeholders.

The first part of the conference usually features paper and poster presentations as well as keynote speeches, and the second part is devoted to workshops and round-tables addressing specific topics relevant to tapir conservation worldwide. Specific topics discussed during the conference include tapir research and conservation, population management, veterinary and genetic issues, population modeling and action planning, husbandry and captive management, environmental education and outreach, training and capacity-building, involvement of local communities, re-introductions and translocations, marketing, fundraising, governmental regulations and permits, and human-tapir conflicts among many other topics. Any suggestions for topics you would like to see included in our program this year, as well as potential keynote speakers, will be MORE THAN WELCOME.

The main objectives of the conference include:

1 - Exchange and discussion of current data on field and captive studies through the presentation of papers, posters and keynote speeches by current tapir conservationists;

2 - Opportunity to foster our global network of tapir researchers and supporters;

3 - Revision of TSG Strategic Planning 2015-2017 developed and prioritized during the Sixth Symposium in Brazil, and evaluation of what has been accomplished in the past three years;

4 - Development of the TSG Strategic Planning for 2018-2020, which will allow for the conference recommendations to be carried out, helping to direct the activities and initiatives of the TSG in the following three years until the next symposium;

5 - Evaluation of the work of the TSG Action Plan Implementation Taskforce established in Mexico in 2008 with the main objective of overseeing and promoting the implementation of the IUCN/SSC Tapir Action Plan finalized in 2007;

6 - Creation of committees made up of representative tapir conservationists who will develop and prioritize key research, conservation, management and financial issues affecting the plight of endangered tapir species worldwide.

Members of the symposium's planning committee have been working together with staff from the Houston Zoo on putting together the local logistics for the conference. 

Symposium sessions will be carried out and most participants will be staying at the Crowne Plaza Houston River Oaks Hotel. Participants will be requested to arrive throughout the day on the 13th of November, Monday. Sessions will start the following morning, on the 14th, Tuesday, and end in the afternoon of the 18th, Saturday. We will host an icebreaker on either the 13th or the 14th (date TBC), Zoo Day on the 16th, and Final Dinner on the 18th.  Participants will departure on the 19th, Sunday.

Between now and November 2017, we will be spending quite a bit of time and energy on putting this conference together!  We are currently working to raise the necessary funds for the conference, as well as organizing the local logistics, registration system, conference program, invitations to participants and many other aspects.  We will soon be ready to OPEN FOR REGISTRATION and to send out a CALL FOR ABSTRACTS for oral presentations and posters.

We will make sure to keep you all posted about the conference, but in the meantime, PLEASE make sure to put the Seventh International Tapir Symposium on your schedule for 2017

We would love to have you all with us in Houston!

Patrícia Medici
Chair, IUCN/SSC Tapir Specialist Group (TSG)

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to Oct 14

Giraffe Care Workshop

Hosted by Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Colorado Springs, CO USA

This exciting workshop aims to create a community of giraffe professionals who leave the conference committed and empowered to continually improve giraffe welfare, both in situ and ex situ. The workshop will be a hands-on, exciting new way to learn about giraffe. While there will be some lecture material throughout the week, most of the time will be spent allowing attendees the chance to gain valuable experience participating in roundtable discussions, hoof trimming demonstrations, operant conditioning techniques, and more!

For more details, visit

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2016 International Giraffid Conference
to May 12

2016 International Giraffid Conference

The International Giraffid Conference, hosted by the Brookfield Zoo, will bring together conservation biologists and zoo professionals from around the globe who are dedicated to the care of giraffe and okapi.  This conference is a reincarnation of the highly successful IAGCP Giraffe Conference from years past with the excellent addition of okapi!
The conference will focus on gathering and sharing knowledge of field biologists and professional animal caregivers to further our understanding of these amazing species and promote professional development.

Abstracts are currently being accepted - the deadline is February 21, 2016.

For more information, including registration and hotel info, please visit and

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2016 Ungulate TAG Midyear Meetings
to Mar 21

2016 Ungulate TAG Midyear Meetings

The 2016 AZA Ungulate TAG Midyear Meetings will be held in conjunction with the AZA Midyear Meeting in Omaha, NE.  This year, the TAG meetings will cover three days, from Saturday March 19 to Monday March 21, immediately following the joint AZA/EAZA TAG Chair meetings.

Registration is now open at You can also find general information regarding hotels, agendas, and transportation here.

A detailed agenda of the TAG meetings is currently (mid-January) being finalized, and will be posted as soon as it is available.

We look forward to seeing you in Omaha!

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