SAFE Member-Sponsored Species:

The AZA Ungulate TAGs are proud to support giraffes as the first SMSS approved by AZA!
SAFE Member-sponsored Species programs protect threatened animals; build on established recovery plans and track records of commitment; prioritize collaboration among AZA member institutions; implement both strategic conservation and public engagement activities; and measure and report real conservation impact.

Liza Dadone, VMD, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo
Andi Kornak, Cleveland Metroparks Zoo
Kristen Lukas, PhD, Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

Approved: February 10, 2017
Program Plan due: August 10, 2017

2017 AZA Mid-Year Meeting presentation

 Giraffe SMSS Application

Giraffe SMSS application

A1 - Kenya Giraffe Conservation Strategy and Action Plan (2016-2020)
A2 - Uganda Rothschild's Giraffe Plan 2015-16
A3 - Niger Giraffe Strategy final draft 10.16
A4 - Africa-wide Conservation Strategic Framework 2016
A5 - Giraffe SMSS Co-Liason Dadone 12.9.16
A6 - SIS Cleveland Metroparks Zoo
A7 - TAG Letter of Endorsement
A8 - SSP Letter of Endorsement
A9 - IUCN 2016 Giraffe Population Estimates
A10 - AZA ARCS Report Data 2014-2015
A11 - 2015 AZA SAFE Application for Giraffe