Saving Giraffes: SAFE


The AZA Ungulate TAGs are proud to support giraffes as the first SAFE Member-Sponsored Species!
SAFE Species programs protect threatened animals; build on established recovery plans and track records of commitment; prioritize collaboration among AZA member institutions; implement both strategic conservation and public engagement activities; and measure and report real conservation impact.

Liza Dadone, VMD, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo
Andi Kornak, Cleveland Metroparks Zoo
Kristen Lukas, PhD, Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

Public Engagement Coordinator:
RoxAnna Breitigan, The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens

 Giraffe SAFE Messaging Toolbox (2018)

In order to support the communication and connection goals of the AZA SAFE Giraffe Program, a "toolbox" has been put together to help all AZA institutions speak with a consistent voice. Look for:

  • General messages regarding giraffe conservation
  • Ideas for World Giraffe Day and other Zoo-wide events
  • Conservation organization collaborations