Husbandry Manuals

Husbandry Manuals provide a wealth of best-practice information based on the collective experience of AZA facilities.  The following taxon-specific documents are a valuable resource in the husbandry and care of ungulates.  However, these documents are not current and may not reflect recent advancements in husbandry knowledge or current best practices. Stay tuned for the new AZA Ungulate Animal Care Manual, presently nearing completion.

 Antelope & Giraffe TAG

Antelope Husbandry Manual: Alcelaphinae [Hartebeests and wildebeests]

Lance Aubery, Randy Rieches
Published August 2001

Antelope Husbandry Manual: Reduncinae [Waterbucks and reedbucks]

Gloria Kendall, Randy Rieches
Published May 1999

Antelope Husbandry Manual: Cephalophinae [Duikers]

Gloria Kendall, Randy Rieches
Published January 2000

Duiker Husbandry Guidelines
From 2002 Bay, Black, and Red-flanked Duiker Studbook

Chris Pfefferkorn
Published March 2002

Okapi Husbandry Guidelines

Terry DeRosa, Fran Lyon, and Ann Petric
Published September 2004



 Equid TAG


Husbandry Standards for Wild Equids

Martha Fischer and Steve Shurter
Published 2001


 Tapir TAG

Tapir Animal Care Manual

AZA Tapir Taxon Advisory Group
Published 2013

Manual Para Cuidado De Tapires
(Spanish language version of ACM)

AZA Tapir Taxon Advisory Group
Published 2013


 Wild Cattle & Camelid TAG

Husbandry Manual for Wild Cattle Species

Sharon Joseph
Published 2004



 Wild Pig, Peccary, & Hippo TAG

Babirusa Husbandry Manual
Contact TAG Chair or webmasters for a copy of this resource

Martha Fischer
Published 2002



EAZA Best Practice Guidelines for Babirusa

Tim Rowlands, Amy Treanor. NEZS Chester Zoo, Kate Edge and Francesca Ankers.
Published 2018

Red River Hog Husbandry Guidelines

Provided by San Diego Zoo
Published 2003

Visayan Warty Pig Husbandry Guidelines

R. Owlett, San Diego Zoo
Published 2003