Mixed Species Surveys

Space constraints are one of the biggest issues facing population sustainability in modern zoos.  Housing multiple compatible taxa together in one enclosure can help maximize space use and increase holding capacity without changing holding space. And mixed-species exhibits don't just help improve sustainability: they also provide enrichment for the animals and a more dynamic guest experience!

The TAGs encourage zoos to "think outside the box" when looking at exhibits for ungulates. Are there existing exhibits which could house a species of ungulate? Are there existing ungulate exhibits which could also house another taxon?  What creative solutions have you found?

In August 2015, the Ungulate TAGs launched a new mixed-species survey in order to document the innovative mixes that have occurred with ungulates over the past several decades. The initial surveying is complete, but we are still accepting submissions at https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/AZAUngulates. We are currently reviewing and compiling the results — stay tuned for their release in early 2017!

 Pig, Peccary, and Hippo Mixed-Species Exhibits

Compiled by Jim Haigwood, 2005


Cervid TAG Successful Mixed Species Exhibits

From the 2014 Cervid TAG RCP


 Mixed Antelope Species Exhibits

Compiled by Anita Schamberger, 1998

The Antelope Taxon Advisory Group (TAG) distributed surveys requesting information regarding mixed species antelope management to AZA institutions in the Spring of 1997.  The summary data is displayed within table format, broken down by antelope subgroups, independent AZA institutional information, bachelor herd data, and finally known interspecies hybrids.

Survey Results by Subgroups

Survey by Other Groupings

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