Large Herd Management Workshop

Hosted by: The Wilds
Location: Cumberland, OH
Contact: Dan Beetem,

Class Description: Participants will learn about large herd management and the use of a hydraulic TAMER. The course is to coincide with annual herd exams as animals are moved to and from pastures and winter holding. Participants will get to work with various antelope and deer species.

Dates: March-April and Oct-Nov. Summer dates may also be available pending research projects. Contact for more specific dates.
Length: 2 full days, arrive the night before and depart on the 3rd day
Class size: minimum 2 per course
Prerequisites: None
Housing: Housing may be provided, pending availability.
Transportation: Not provided
Fees: $325.00 per person, includes Course, housing and a $25 TAG fee.
Other Info: Scheduling of annual exams may be done with short notice, so attendees should be flexible with their schedules. All students must wear appropriate work clothes