AZA Ungulate TAGs
2012 Midyear Meeting

Held in conjunction with the AZA MId-Year Meeting
26, 28-29 March 2012
Hosted by The Living Desert, Palm Springs CA

"Herds of a Feather Flock Together"
Joint ASAG/Ungulate TAG Mixed Species Workshop

The challenges we all face in building sustainable populations while creating dynamic exhibits require some outside-the-nestbox solutions.  Ungulate and bird curators, managers and keepers have much to gain by stampeding together to explore ways to wring more out of our limited exhibit space: increased capacity for our program animals, more dynamic exhibits to benefit our animals and our visitors, and diversification of keeper skills are just some of the benefits.  Whether your tastes run to flocks or herds, this workshop will benefit you so migrate over to our joint workshop to share ideas on how we can all work together for greater sustainability of our populations.

TAG Meeting Presentations

Welcome and introduction

AZA Ungulate TAG Chair Briefings

  • Antelope and Giraffe TAG - Martha Fischer
  • Buffalo, Bison and Cattle TAG - Lisa Smith
  • Caprinae TAG - Jeff Holland
  • Cervid TAG - Tony Fisher
  • Equid TAG - Tim Thier
  • Wild Pig, Peccary and Hippo TAG - Carmi Penny

TAG Initiative Updates from 2011

  • TAG Program updates
  • Ruminant Importation Update - Linda Penfold and Jeff Holland
  • Animal Suitability and SSP Recommendations - Kelly Snodgrass and Adam Eyres
  • Euthanasia - Dave Powell and Bill Houston
  • 60 Minutes Video - Randy Rieches
  • Review of marketing and awareness accomplishments to date - Martha Fischer
  • New Ungulate Species Profiles - Brent Huffman, RoxAnna Breitigan, and Michelle Hatwood
  • Partnering with International Giraffe Working Group to make in situ giraffe conservation information available to zoos - David Brown and Amy Phelps

Ungulate Husbandry, Handling/Restraint, Enrichment & Training Session

  • Managing a training program for zebra at the Maryland Zoo - Jonnie Capiro
  • Nile lechwe herd management at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park - Jonnie Capiro
  • Positive reinforcement training with a herd of southern gerenuk - Lissa McCaffree
  • Training for chiropractic adjustments, cold LASER therapy, and stretching to manage a giraffe with a cervical spine injury - Cheyenne Mountain Zoo
  • B3H3 at Zoo Miami - Tracy Sorensen
  • The use of a stationary drop-floor chute as an alternative to chemical immobilization for ungulates at San Diego Zoo's shipping pens - Bob Cisneros
  • Hand-restraint under sedation trials with Arabian oryx - Michelle Hatwood
  • Takin health survey report - Diana Boon

Reports from the Field

  • Scimitar-horned oryx reintroduction in Chad - Adam Eyres
  • Hirola recovery project - Martha Fischer
  • Saola conservation - Bill Robichaud
  • Conservation and status of Southeast Asian deer - Bill Robichaud
  • Okapi Conservation Program - White Oak Conservation Center
  • Grevy's Zebra Trust - Martha Fischer
  • Markhor conservation project in Tajikistan - Tom LaBarge

Annual Ungulate Research Symposium

  • Incorporating DNA data into the genetic management of the addax SSP - Jamie Ivy
  • A proposal to assess baseline reproductive hormone profiles and the effect of pheromones on mating success in non-breeding pairs of babirusa and red river hog - Annie Newell-Fugate
  • Mixing science with politics: shifting current paradigms about semen collection and importation - Mandi Vick
  • The effect of long-acting neuroleptics on reproductions in Artiodactyla: Research update - Barb Wolfe
  • "Use it or Lose it" reproductive changes in non-breeding females - Linda Penfold