Ungulate Profiles


The AZA Ungulate TAGs are committed to developing sustainable ungulate populations in zoos to ensure the ongoing survival of imperiled species. In order to match zoos with appropriate species and enhance long-term institutional commitment, the TAGs have designed these one-sheet profiles.

These profiles demonstrate how TAG-recommended species can fit into your zoo's collection. They highlight species-specific husbandry notes, along with ways in which each ungulate can improve visitor experiences and enhance educational programs, making them a valuable tool to pitch new additions to upper management levels. Each profile also provides in situ conservation opportunities, making it easy to become involved in the ongoing survival of these species in the wild. Priority species, marked below, are in particular need of additional support; the TAGs welcome interested institutions to contact the corresponding species coordinator for more information.


 Antelope & Giraffe TAG


Baird's tapir
Malayan tapir


 Wild Cattle & Camelid TAG

African buffalo
American bison
Bactrian camel
Banteng *Priority species
Lowland anoa


 Wild Pig, Peccary, & Hippo TAG