The AZA Equid TAG was initiated in 1991. This TAG serves as an advisory group to AZA facilities for wild equid zoo and field conservation. The primary goals of the Equid TAG are:

  • To continue to develop and refine wild equid management in AZA institutions.
  • To support in situ programs promoting global wild equid conservation and biodiversity.
  • To develop education programs which promote wild equid awareness and conservation.
  • To promote research programs and to develop techniques that assist long-term management of wild equids.
  • To provide links between in situ and ex situ conservation program
  • To provide support for wild equid reintroduction efforts.


AZA Equid TAG Mission Statement

To provide guidance and recommendations to AZA institutions regarding care and management
of wild equids in North America, and to facilitate activities and programs that support
global wild equid species and habitat conservation.


 TAG Leadership

Tim Thier, Saint Louis Zoo: TAG Chair
Ashleigh Kandrac, Lion Country Safari: Vice-Chair
JT Svoke, Zoo Miami: Secretary

Steering Committee

Dan Beetem, The Wilds
Adam Felts, Columbus Zoo
Tony Fisher, Minnesota Zoo
John Fried, Dallas Zoo
Steve Metzler, San Diego Zoo Safari Park
Greg Peccie, Henry Vilas Zoo
Scotty Wade, White Oak Conservation Center


David Powell, Saint Louis Zoo: Scientific Advisor
Kibby Treiber, Zoo Miami: Nutrition Advisor
Oliver Ryder, San Diego Zoo: Genetics Advisor
Patricia Moehlman, IUCN/SSC Equid Specialist Group: IUCN Liaison

 TAG Programs

Asian Wild Horse (Equus ferus przewalskii)

  • SSP Coordinator: Tony Fisher, 
  • Studbook Keeper: Amanda Faliano, 

Grevy’s Zebra (Equus grevyi)

  • SSP Coordinator: Martha Fischer,
  • Studbook Keeper: Kathryn Pilgram-Kloppe,

Hartmann’s Mountain Zebra (Equus zebra hartmannae)

  • SSP Coordinator & Studbook Keeper: Tommy Jordan,

Persian Onager (Equus hemionus onager)

  • SSP Coordinator & Studbook Keeper: Kate Volz, 

Plains Zebra (Equus quagga)

  • SSP Coordinator & Studbook Keeper: John Register, 

Somali Wild Ass (Equus africanus somaliensis)

  • SSP Coordinator & Studbook Keeper: Tim Thier,