AZA Ungulate TAGs
2013 Midyear Meeting

23-25 April 2013
Hosted by Fossil Rim Wildlife Center, Glen Rose TX

Pre-conference Ungulate Chute Systems Workshop

Join us for a one day pre-meeting workshop to discuss exhibit/holding design incorporating chute systems and animal handling devices facilitated by Mark McNamara, Fauna Research, Inc. and Dan Beetem, The Wilds. This workshop will be focused on the building/refurbishing of hoof stock facilities capitalizing on design for working animals safely and effectively. Presentations from a number of facilities that have good working systems will be included, along with a session of practical problem-solving using discussion/working groups. This pre-conference workshop is included in the conference registration fee. Lunch is included for participants.

TAG Meeting Presentations


AZA Ungulate TAG Chair Briefings

  • Antelope and Giraffe TAG - Dan Beetem (for Martha Fischer)
  • Buffalo, Bison and Cattle TAG
  • Caprinae TAG - Jeff Holland
  • Cervid TAG - Tony Fisher
  • Equid TAG - Tim Thier
  • Wild Pig, Peccary and Hippo TAG - Jeff Holland

TAG Initiative Updates from 2012

  • TAG Program updates
  • Ruminant Importation Update - Linda Penfold and Jeff Holland
  • Ungulate Profiles Update - Brent Huffman, RoxAnna Breitigan, and Michelle Hatwood
  • Animal Suitability and SSP Recommendations - Kelly Snodgrass and Adam Eyres
  • Euthanasia - Dave Powell and Bill Houston
  • The role of Breeding Centers - Dave Wildt

Ungulate Husbandry, Handling/Restraint, Enrichment & Training Session

  • Animals, guests, and enrichment at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge - Vickie Shaw
  • The use of controlled induction of an adult reticulated giraffe within a giraffe restraint device using Thiafentanil, Medetomidine, and Ketamine - Jan Raines
  • The new chapter of mixed-species exhibits - utilizing careful planning, observation, and training to successfully introduce giraffes and elephants in a mixed-species exhibit - Allison Six
  • Body Condition Scoring of ungulates: a simple management tool for improved health and production - Kibby Treiber
  • Hand-rearing two Nubian ibex kids from 24 hours to weaning at 105 days of age - Kibby Treiber
  • Observations and hormone analysis of a female babirusa - Rachel Malstaff

Reports from the Field

  • Moose field research in Minnesota - Tony Fisher
  • Giraffe conservation in Uganda - Sheri Horiszny
  • Scimitar-horned oryx and addax conservation, Sahara Conservation Fund  - Adam Eyres and Bill Houston
  • Grevy's Zebra Trust and Kenyan giraffe - Tim Thier (for Martha Fischer)
  • Javan warty pig recovery project - Jeff Holland
  • Argali conservation in Mongolia - Diana Boon

Annual Ungulate Research Symposium

  • Development and application of genomic markers in addax - Andrea Putnam
  • Updates on semen transport and AI initiatives for global population management in equids - Mandi Schook
  • Understanding pheromones in domestic pigs as a possible method of manipulating reproduction in non-domestic suid species - Linda Penfold and Annie Newell-Fugate
  • Ruminant nutrition - Erin Endrick
  • Reproductive research on the Przewalski's horse and addra gazelle - Budhan Pukazhenthi
  • "Use it or Lose it": Ungulate reproductive biology after extended periods of non-reproduction ('open' and contracepted) - Linda Penfold
  • Weird science: an interesting finding in Nile lechwe ... - Linda Penfold

Post-conference Hands-on Drop-floor Cradle Workshop

Fossil Rim and Mark McNamara/Fauna Research, Inc. conducted a hands-on drop-floor chute workshop at Fossil Rim. This included a brief overview of the holding facilities at Fossil Rim and when and how the drop floor chute is used, followed by practical experience with running animals through, allowing each participant to experience the different roles involved in handling animals in a drop-floor chute.