AZA Ungulate TAGs
2019 Midyear Meeting

Held in conjunction with the AZA Mid-Year Meeting
13-15 April 2019
Hosted by Phoenix Zoo and OdySea Aquarium, Phoenix AZ

TAG Meeting Presentations

*Please note that some presentations are not available online, or are only available in a modified version, due to the presence of unpublished data or sensitive information.

AZA Ungulate TAG Chair Briefings

TAG Initiatives

Reports from the Field

Ungulate Scientific Management Session

Ungulate Husbandry, Enrichment & Training Session

Rhino TAG meeting

  • Rhino TAG Meeting Overview

  • Nutrition Update and rhino diet survey from the Rhino Keeper Workshop - Dr. Katie Sullivan

    • Iron Overload Disorder update and info - Dr. Shana Lavin/Dr. Katie Sullivan

  • Rhino Research Council Update - Dr. Terri Roth

    • 2019 RRC Masterplan

    • Comparative gut microbiome/metabolome. The quest for a reliable biomarker of IOD

    • Dental disease

  • Update from African Rhino Specialist Group, Asian - Dr. Susie Ellis

  • Rhino Range State meetings and Indonesia Trip

  • Update from the Rhino Research Council Repro Group - Dr. Parker Pennington

  • Rhino Welfare - Dr. Lara Metrione

  • Discussion