AZA Caprinae TAG

According to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), there are 85 species and subspecies of recognized Caprinae.  Of these 85 species, over 70% are categorized as near threatened and more than 30% endangered, or critically endangered (IUCN).  AZA accredited zoos and additional partners have an obligation to ensure the survival of these species by providing both ex situ and in situ conservation support.

The first edition of the AZA Caprinae TAG RCP (2011) reviewed 22 species and 63 subspecies.  The RCP recommended zero Green SSP’s, 4 Yellow SSP’s, 5 Red Programs, zero phase Ins, 8 Phase Outs, 2 DERP, 5 Monitor, 11 Not Recommended and 11 in situ Focus programs.  The second edition is currently being developed and due for completion and review by December 2018.  

AZA Caprinae TAG Mission Statement

To provide guidance and recommendations to facilities regarding captive
management of Caprinae in North America, and to facilitate activities and
programs that support global Caprinae conservation.


 About the TAG 

Goals of the AZA Caprinae TAG

The following goals are priorities for the AZA Caprinae TAG:

  • To develop education programs that create awareness, understanding, and appreciation of Caprinae.

  • To better understand health and veterinary issues that impact Caprinae conservation programs or wild Caprinae populations.

  • To build strong partnerships with multiple organizations that will achieve mutual and bio-diverse conservation goals.

  • To support strategies that promote global Caprinae conservation and species diversity.

  • To promote conservation program development and assist program leaders to achieve TAG and Caprinae conservation program goals.

  • To promote and support in situ conservation initiations for Caprinae and habitats related to priority AZA programs.

 TAG Leadership

The 9-member AZA Caprinae TAG leadership group consists of a Chair, Vice-Chair and 7 Steering Committee (SC) members.  One of the elected SC members also serves as Secretary.  Additional expertise in the field of Caprines has added 6 Advisors.

Appointed Steering Committee

Gil Myers, Smithsonian National Zoo: TAG Chair
Dave Powell, Saint Louis Zoo: Vice Chair

Elected Steering Committee Members

Tim Thier, Saint Louis Zoo (Secretary)
Dan Beetem, The Wilds
Dawn Petefish, Peoria Zoo
Joshua Sisk, Los Angeles Zoo and Botanic Garden
Molly Shea, Fossil Rim Wildlife Center
Steve Castillo, Disney’s Animal Kingdom


Dr. Diana Boon, Zoo Veterinarian Relief Professional: Veterinary
Erin Kendrick, Smithsonian National Zoo: Nutrition
Budhan Pukazhenthi, Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute: Reproductive
John Newby, Sahara Conservation Fund: Aoudad
Jeff Holland, CCTU: Field Conservation and Husbandry
Dan Beetem, The Wilds: WCMC Liaison