Temporary Conservation Evaluation Task Force

Compiled response document - 15 July 2017

PRISM Conservation Evaluation Impact Kit

 Existing vetting processes

AZA Field Conservation Committee Toolkit

Amphibian TAG - Conservation Resource Manual
Amphibian TAG RCP

Marine Fishes TAG - "Highlighted Program" Vetting Process

AZA TAGs Summary + Antelope, Elephant, and Tapir Specialist Groups

ZACC (Zoos and Aquariums Committing to Conservation) ideas


Chester Zoo: Project Conservation Impact Summary Form
Chester Zoo: Grant Application Form

Columbus Zoo - Fund for Conservation website
Columbus Zoo - Pre-proposal
Columbus Zoo - Application and guidelines

Disney Conservation Fund

Houston Zoo - Weighted Wildlife Conservation Program Criteria

Oklahoma City Zoo - Grant application
Oklahoma City Zoo - CARE Grant proposal

Zoo Boise - former grant application criteria

Zoo New England Conservation program Review Form


IUCN Deer Specialist Group informal criteria

United Nations - general vetting process

ZSL EDGE Fellowship brochure - See Page 3: Assessment Process
ZSL EDGE Fellowship application guidelines
ZSL EDGE Fellowship application form

Howe, C. & Milner-Gulland, E.J. (2012). Evaluating indices of conservation success: a comparative analysis of outcome- and output-based indices. Anim. Conserv. 15, 217–226. 


 Queried Organizations

AZA TAGs - Martha Fischer - see summary above

EAZA - Jim Haigwood - in progress

AZA Field Conservation Committee - Martha Fischer - see above
ZSL EDGE Program - Brent Huffman - see above
United Nations - Matt Goodwin - see above
ZACC (Zoos and Aquariums Committing to Conservation) - Kristen Wolfe - see above

IUCN Specialist Groups

  • Antelope SG - Martha Fischer - see summary above

  • Asian Wild Cattle SG - Brent Huffman - NO FORMAL PROCESS (but see Chester Zoo)

  • Caprinae SG - Jim Haigwood - NO FORMAL PROCESS

  • Cervid SG - Dolores Reed - see above

  • Peccary SG - Jim Haigwood - NO FORMAL PROCESS

  • Pig SG - Jim Haigwood

  • Rhino SG - Adam Eyres - in progress

  • Tapir SG - Michele Stancer via Martha Fischer - NO FORMAL PROCESS (project-by-project)

Individual Institutions

  • Disney - Kristen Wolfe - in progress

  • Toronto Zoo - Brent Huffman - NO FORMAL PROCESS

  • Saint Louis Zoo - Martha Fischer

  • San Francisco Zoo - Matt Goodwin

  • Zoo Atlanta - JT Svoke

  • Zoo Boise - JT Svoke - see above

  • Minnesota Zoo - Andrew Haertzen - in progress

  • Houston Zoo - Andrew Haertzen - see above

  • Cheyenne Mountain Zoo - Matt Lamoreaux - NO FORMAL PROCESS

    • " We use to use an algorithm but there were some frustrations with that so instead we have reverted back to the old school way of showing interest - networking - building on a relationship - ground truthing - and then supporting (the longer the we support the more we try to get involved etc.) "

  • Zoo New England - Jim Haigwood/Jordan Schimming - see above

 Existing TAG-trusted programs (Jordan)



  • Desert Bighorn

    • Arizona: www.azgfd.gov/kofa

    • California: www.dfg.ca.gov/snbs

    • New Mexico: www.wildlife.state.nm.us/conservation

    • Nevada: www.ndow.org

    • Texas: www.tpwd.state.tx.us

    • Utah: wildlife.utah.gov

  • Kordofan aoudad: Support and participate with Barbary Sheep conservation efforts in the Sahel and Sahara as outlined by the Convention of Migratory Species 1998 meeting in Djerba, and as implemented through the efforts of the Sahara-Sahelo Interest Group and the Sahara Conservation Foundation.

  • Markhor

  • Nubian Ibex: Establishing a population monitoring program to study the waterhole use and long-term population dynamics of Nubian ibex in Egypt. Contact Dr. Omar Attum - oattum@ius.edu

  • Sichuan Takin: Takin monitoring in Tangjiahe Nature Reserve: http://conservationcenters.org/conservation-research/sichuan-takin

  • Transcaspian urial

  • Gobi Argali: Mongolia’s Wildlife Center and Mongolia Academy of Sciences

  • Arabian Tahr: Al Ain Wildlife Park and Resort, Oman Mammal Breeding Center and Arabian Wildlife Conservation Center

  • Serow:

    • TRAFFIC Southeast Asia

    • "A Trade Study of the Serow in Southeast Asia"- Jeff Holland


  • Bactrian wapiti: Habitat restoration in Tigrovaja Balka, Tajikistan Contact Dr. Olga Pereladova, WWF- Central Asian Programme: opereladova@wwf.ru

  • Eld’s deer: Habitat restoration, population assessment and GPS tracking in Mondulkiri Protected Forest, Cambodia and Reintroduction in Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Sanctuary, Thailand. Contact Dr. William McShea, SCBI: mcsheaw@si.edu

  • Moose: Minnesota moose habitat protection nature.org/ourinitiatives/regions/northamerica/unitedstates/minnesota/

  • Reeves’ Muntjac: Support snare removal and habitat preservation to help numerous muntjac species via Save the Saola www.savethesaola.org


Tapir (Uses the Tapir Specialist Group projects)

Wild Cattle & Camelids

Wild Pig, Peccary, and Hippo

  • Pygmy Hippo

    • Pygmy Hippo research: The SSP and TAG have endorsed this project which was initiated in earlier this year. It's an investigation of mortality, polycystic kidney disease, reproductive parameters, and stress in the ex situ population of pygmy hippos. Gabriella L Flacke, from the School of Animal Biology at The University of Western Australia is the PI. This is the introduction for her project.

    • Pygmy Hippo conservation: EDGE of existence program for pygmy hippo in Sierra Leone

  • River Hippo: The Ruko Community wildlife conservancy of the Northern Rangelands Trust (Kenya).

  • Red River Hog

    • Bush Meat Crisis Task Force

    • Red River Hog ex situ research: Research to assess baseline reproductive hormone profiles and the effect of pheromones on mating success in non-breeding pairs of Red River Hogs is being conducted by Annie, Newell-Fugatefrom the Department of Animal Sciences University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. This is her introduction to the project.

  • Visayan Warty Pig

    • The Philippines Biodiversity Conservation Foundation Inc. (PBCFI) has been working on Visayan Warty Pig conservation and stewardship since 1994. The ‘Biodiversity Conservation Centre (BCC)’ was formally inaugurated in the grounds of the Negros Forests and Ecological Foundation Inc. (NFEFI) in 1994, with the idea of developing a world class conservation breeding, research and education centre, in the heart of the West Visayas Faunal Region – one of the world’s highest conservation priority areas in terms of both numbers of threatened endemic taxa and degrees of threat. However, this project was actually initiated in 1992 as the second rescue and breeding centre of the Philippine (= Visayan) Spotted Deer (Rusa [= Cervus] alfredi) Conservation Programme (PSDCP) in Negros Island, and established under the aegis of a cooperative management agreement between the NFEFI and Parc Zoologique et Botanique de la Ville de Mulhouse (France). The Mulhouse Zoo had previously signed similar agreements with the two other Philippine spotted deer centres on Negros and Panay Islands and a covering Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the Department of Environment & Natural Resources (DENR, Government of the Philippines), which formally recognised and established the PSDCP.

  • Chacoan Peccary: The Centro Chaqueno para la Convervacion e Investigacon( CCCI), Proyecto Tagua in the Gran Chaco of South America.

  • The Pygmy Hog Conservation Program (PHCP)

  • Retrospective characterization of reproductive tract lesions in relation to parity, age, and contraception in captive Suidae and Tayassuidae

    • PI: Annie Newell-Fugate

    • Co-PIs: Dalen Agnew and Anneke Moresco

    • SPECIES: Suidae (pigs) and Tayassuidae (peccaries)

    • PRIMARY LOCATION/INSTITUTION: Texas A&M University, Michigan State University, Denver Zoo