AZA Ungulate TAGs
2016 Midyear Meeting

Held in conjunction with the AZA Mid-Year Meeting
19-21 March 2016
Hosted by Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium, Omaha NE

TAG Meeting Presentations

*Please note that some presentations are not available online, or are only available in a modified version, due to the presence of unpublished data or sensitive information.

AZA Ungulate TAG Chair Briefings

TAG Initiatives

Reports from the Field

Annual Ungulate Research Symposium

Ungulate Husbandry, Enrichment & Training Session

Promoting Ungulates Session

Okapi SSP Session

Ungulate Barn Flooring Workshop

Why do we care about the type of flooring we use? The reason is simple, we work with terrestrial animals … they live with their feet on the ground. They also lie on the ground, eat off the ground; the first contact they have with the outside world after birth is an impact with the ground. The surface on which our animals spend time on effects their physiological and psychological well-being. The hoof is greatly affected by the surface it walks on, and badly cared for feet can lead to infections, changes in gait, changes in bone and joint health, can cause acute or chronic pain andaffect the good welfare we are trying to provide the animals we care for.